Silk Sarees

silk saree

In each Indian lady’s heart, the sari possesses an exceptional place. Saree is the conventional wear of Indian ladies. Silk saris have involved an imperative place in the mold market and today ladies of various countries, standing and belief have demonstrated their inclination in this exquisite bit of apparel. India has advanced the world finest […]


Though the history of silk sarees trace back to dynasties, the love for the silk has not faded a bit. What makes a silk saree so special apart from the golden threads? undoubtedly, it’s the motifs. And here we bring you motifs that take you back to our ancient mythology and our ancient lores. The […]

Traditional Pattu Saree for Beautiful Bridal Girl

The beautiful moment starts with the best bridal collections. A girl who leaves to her partner home will carry the memories of her childhood, the feelings and endless affection. The bridal saree will always be special and grand on its own way. The pattu saree will always make the moment to feel great and happy […]

Cholesterol Food

1.Wild Salmon 2.Brussels Sprouts 3.Oranges 4.Almonds 5.Hazelnuts 6.Pistachio 7.Dark Chocolate 8.Green Tea 9.Kidney Beans 10.Berries 11.Sweet Potatoes 12.Brown Rice

Calcium Foods

1. Raw Milk 2. Yogurt or Kefir 3. Kale 4. Cheese 5. Sardines (with bones) 6. Broccoil (cooked) 7. Okra 8. Almonds 9. Bok Choy 10. Watercress

Super Foods for Weigiht Loss

1. Apple 2. bleberry 3. salmon 4. mushroom 5. Pomegranate 6. Watermelon 7. Yogurt 8. Oats 9. Lentils 10. Green Tea